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Is Hemp Fabric Good For Sensitive Skin?

Clothing can be very irritating to those with sensitive skin. Wearing the right type of fabric is not only important for every day comfort but for skin health as well. Many fabrics can cause itching, scratching and rashes. Natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen and hemp are ideal for sensitive […]

Is Hemp Fabric Good For Active Wear?

Hemp is a sustainable plant that has many benefits to our planet such as air and soil filtration. No harsh chemicals or dangerous pesticides are used to grow hemp. This is amazing but can it be made into a comfortable fabric that is good for activewear? You bet! Hemp clothing […]


Sewing With Hemp Fabric

Do you find yourself stuck at home with little to do but watch Netflix? Why not pick up a new hobby! Sewing has been making a comeback in the last ten years. There is something magical about taking a piece of fabric and turning it into a useable item. And […]

8 Interesting Facts About Hemp Clothing

Hemp is an amazing crop that can do so many things! In the past, hemp has gotten a bad rap because of its association with marijuana. However, hemp does not contain the psychoactive properties that marijuana does with less than .3% THC (meaning it doesn’t get you high). Thankfully, hemp […]

Best Comfy Fall Clothing For Women

We are heading into fickle Fall weather where you never know what the temperature will be. One day it will be hot and the next downright frigid. Getting dressed requires a plan to ensure you stay comfortable all day. One strategy is to dress in layers. Throw on a tank […]

Comfortable Bamboo Clothing For Men

Covid has changed many things in our lives including our fashion choices. Let’s face it! We have all become accustomed to wearing more comfortable clothing. The form-fitting jeans seem too snug, the business suit makes you feel overdressed, and the tie is choking you out. Consumers are now looking for […]

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