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The Benefits Of Bamboo Clothing For Yoga And Exercise

I recently took up yoga and quickly found out that the type of fabric my workout wear was made of was crucial to my success and enjoyment. After hearing great things about bamboo clothing, I looked online to find clothing suitable for yoga.

Bamboo Clothing For Sensitive Skin

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies? It is critical to our overall health and wellness and deserves special care. Recently, more and more people are complaining of skin sensitivities. There are many different factors that can contribute including skin conditions such as eczema, environmental stressors (pollution, climate, etc) and harsh chemicals.

Bamboo Clothing

Rayon from bamboo blend clothing has been a growing trend but here at Effort Eco-Essentials we’ve been manufacturing the clothes for the North American market for many years. We provide wholesale bamboo/rayon clothes and bamboo/rayon fabrics to designers, wholesalers and retailers in Canada and the USA. We sell directly to the public through our website as well.

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