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Is Hemp Clothing Durable?

Choosing durable clothing is not only beneficial for your wallet but it is also a big bonus for the environment. When you choose durable clothing, it lasts much longer meaning you don’t have to buy new clothes as often. When you purchase cheap clothing (which is usually made from synthetic […]


Best Loungewear For Women

Covid-19 has led to a shift in the fashion world. With offices and workplaces being closed by the lockdown, we’ve gone from brand name designer clothes to comfortable cozy loungewear. Things are opening up, but people are choosing to still work from home and looking for easy-to-wear clothing. This doesn’t […]


Women’s Hemp Bike Shorts with Pockets

Sometimes carrying a purse is just a pain, especially when you only need to carry a few essentials like your phone and money. And how do you carry your phone when going for a run? Do you use an abrasive arm band that chaffs the arm, an annoying waist band […]


How to Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

I think by now we all realize the toll that the fashion industry is taking on our planet. It is one of the biggest polluters on earth. Fast fashion (cheap trendy clothing) has taken over and is filling our closets with an unbelievable number of unnecessary items. It’s time that […]


Does Bamboo Make Good Clothing?

Many of us are looking for more ways to “go green”. One way to live a more eco-conscious life is by looking in our closets and realizing that our fashions are having a huge negative impact on our planet. But is there clothing out there that is eco-friendly, comfortable and […]


Is Your Face Mask Giving you Maskne?

Most of us have been wearing face masks for months now. Even with the hopes of an effective vaccine on the way, we are being asked to be diligent about washing our hands, social distancing and wearing a mask. Unfortunately for some, wearing a mask is causing serious irritation and […]

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