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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Clothing

Covid has changed every aspect of our lives. People are working from home; kids are being homeschooled and restaurants are only available for takeout orders. With gyms closed or at limited capacity, outdoor individual sports are becoming more popular as the weather gets warmer. This is because activities such as […]


Hemp Can Purify Our Air

Our planet needs help. Climate change and air pollution are hot topics worldwide. As we all (hopefully) strive to have a more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle we need to find more ways to clean up the environment. The hemp plant is being touted as a wonder plant that can have many […]


Is Your Face Mask Giving you Maskne?

Most of us have been wearing face masks for months now. Even with the hopes of an effective vaccine on the way, we are being asked to be diligent about washing our hands, social distancing and wearing a mask. Unfortunately for some, wearing a mask is causing serious irritation and […]


Men’s Hemp Hoodie

If you have yet to give hemp clothing a try, I suggest you start with a zip up hoodie from Effort’s Eco-Essentials. This hoodie will quickly become your favorite piece in your wardrobe. It is made from a blend of eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton fleece that you can feel […]

Multi-Purpose Tubular Face Mask

Wearing a face mask has become part of our every day lives. There are a few different alternatives, but an important factor is that you will wear it and be comfortable. More and more people are choosing to wear a tubular buff as a face mask because it is convenient, […]

Why Bamboo Fabric Is Perfect For Fall Fashions

Fall is fast approaching and with it comes unpredictable changes in temperature. Mornings can be cool, and afternoons can be hot. The fickle weather can make dressing difficult. Deciding what to wear can be quite a dilemma! Your clothing will play a huge role in keeping you at a comfortable […]

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