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Is Bamboo Good For Sleepwear?

If you prioritize comfort, breathability and sustainability in your sleepwear then look for bamboo fabric. Bamboo can be a good material for your loungewear and pajamas due to its natural properties. Here are 6 reasons why bamboo sleepwear is so good: Softness: Bamboo fabric is naturally soft and smooth, making […]

How Can Hemp Help Our Planet?

Hemp is one of the oldest crops cultivated by humans. Hemp has been used for thousands of years for its fiber, seeds, and oil. Archaeological evidence suggests that hemp was first cultivated in China over 8,000 years ago, and it has been grown in many parts of the world since […]

Is Hemp Clothing Good For Hiking?

Hiking is a fun activity for many people. It provides an opportunity to enjoy nature, get exercise, and take in scenic views. Whether or not it is fun can depend on factors such as the individual’s personal interests, the difficulty of the hike, and the weather conditions. It is also […]

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Is Fast Fashion Destroying Our Environment?

Fast fashion, which is characterized by the rapid production and turnover of inexpensive clothing, can have a significant impact on the environment. The production of fast fashion can lead to pollution and waste, as well as the depletion of natural resources. The use of pesticides and other chemicals in textile […]

Why Is Hemp Clothing Better?

There is so much talk about hemp these days. This is because it is a sustainable crop that can be grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. It also does not require much water, and it helps to improve soil health. It can also be grown in […]


Sustainable Hemp Hand Bag

When looking for a sustainable hand bag, you want to invest in one that will be functional, durable, and with a classic style. Effort’s Eco-Essentials has a purse that fits all these requirements and more. Let’s check out why this should be your go to accessory. Strong And Durable Hemp […]

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