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Effort’s Eco-Essentials has been in the hemp textile business, selling hemp fabric and manufacturing hemp and bamboo clothing since 1994. We are pioneers in the industry bringing hemp clothing to Canada and as a hemp clothing wholesaler. Store owners, designers, promotional product companies and eco-friendly businesses are welcome to register as wholesale clients but completing the form below. We wholesale a variety of high quality, eco-friendly, affordable hemp and bamboo clothing and fabrics, many being made in Canada and we continue to add more Canadian content to our collection every year. Check out our hemp fabrics, men’s and women’s hemp and bamboo clothing, accessories and home decor. No need to order months in advance, we maintain inventory of our wholesale hemp and bamboo clothing and can be shipped quickly.

No minimum orders, order what you want when you want it, we’re easy to get along with. The hemp eco-fashion line offers classic long-lasting fabrics and styles. Hemp clothing have an array of eco-friendly attributes, such as durability, breathable, naturally resists mold and bacteria and is hypo-allergenic. Hemp grows quickly without pesticides or herbicides and replenishes the soil. Bamboo clothing is irresistibly soft, breathable, has antibacterial properties and comes from a natural source. Most of the products comes with hang tags explaining the benefits of hemp and bamboo clothing, helping you sell more.

We encourage you to take advantage of the Risk-Free Trial Pack offer. Fill in the form below and once approved as a wholesale customer we’ll send you your wholesale pricing. An offer that you may not be able to refuse, order $500 of sample products of your choice, get free shipping and if you’re not happy with anything you can return it at no cost to you…a win-win situation!  Our office and warehouse are located in Toronto, Ontario and wholesale clients are welcome to visit. Be a part of the growing way of life using naturally grown products and help our earth breath a sigh of relief.

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