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8 Interesting Facts About Hemp Clothing

Hemp is an amazing crop that can do so many things! In the past, hemp has gotten a bad rap because of its association with marijuana. However, hemp does not contain the psychoactive properties that marijuana does with less than .3% THC (meaning it doesn’t get you high). Thankfully, hemp is gaining in popularity because of its versatility and the many benefits it has for our planet. The fashion world is taking note and more and more clothing is being manufactured from eco-friendly sustainable hemp.

Here are a few things you may find interesting about hemp clothing.

  • Hemp fabric is much stronger than cotton (4X the strength). It won’t weaken or change shape when washed. Your hemp clothing will last longer than any other apparel made from natural fibers. The more you wash it, the softer or and more comfortable it becomes!
  • Hemp is naturally resistant to bacteria. This helps prevent odors and means you don’t have to wash your clothing as frequently. Bonus! Your clothing will stay cleaner and fresher for much longer.
  • Hemp clothing is extremely breathable. Because of the porous structure of the fiber, hemp material allows air to flow through the garment.
  • Hemp fabric can filter out harmful UV rays and protect your skin.
  • Hemp can adjust to your body’s temperature. It’s unique ability to regulate your temperature will keep you comfortable all day. Because of this, you can wear your hemp clothing year-round.
  • Hemp clothing, unlike synthetics like rayon, polyester, and acrylic, is naturally biodegradable. Good news for our landfills!
  • Growing hemp has huge environmental benefits. It purifies the air we breathe, and it detoxes the soil. It uses little water and requires no harmful chemical or pesticides to grow.
  • Hemp is excellent for those with sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin.

Isn’t it time you “greened” up your wardrobe and help the planet at the same time?

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