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Back to the Basics with Efforts Eco-Essentials

Trendy clothing is no longer the trend! As people realize the impact that cheap clothing is having on our planet, they are looking for more sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. Fast fashion is on the way out and quality classic basics are on the way in.

The savvy consumer is now looking for basics that can be mixed and matched and will last for years. Ageless, timeless and versatile pieces that are consciously made and have the least negative impact on the environment are what people are searching for now.

Look no further that Effort’s Eco-Essentials hemp, bamboo and organic cotton clothing. Their mission is to design and create fashionable clothing that respects our planet and people. With many basics to choose from for men and women, it is easy to create a wardrobe that can give you limitless possibilities and transition through all seasons. Look for pieces that can be layered to help with fluctuating temperatures. Bamboo and hemp fabrics are very durable, soft and comfortable. Because they are anti-bacterial, they stay fresher longer and require less frequent washing. These sturdy fabrics will stand the test of time!


Hemp fabric is quickly being rediscovered as the superstar of natural fibers. Hemp was being used for thousands of years to make canvas, rope, sails and clothing until it was deemed illegal because it was associated with marijuana. However, in recent years people are realizing that hemp is a different plant. It doesn’t get you high and the benefits of growing hemp and the impact it has on our planet are too hard to ignore.

Have a look at this blog to find out why hemp is making such a huge comeback.

Check out Effort’s Eco-Essentials for men and women to find all the basics you’ll need. They’ll never go out of style and their longevity will have you set for years to come.

A streamlined wardrobe will create less stress when trying to get dressed in the morning. Having sustainable, eco-friendly clothing will create less stress to our planet. How can you go wrong?

Effort’s Eco-Essentials has been creating classic fashions made in North America since 1994. They are committed to supplying fashionable and versatile basics to help you build an eco-friendly closet.  Because they use durable hemp, bamboo and organic cotton blends the clothing will last longer meaning you’ll need to purchase less often. They are dedicated to adding new North American made fashions each season.

For more information you can contact them directly;
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Makers of Hemp/Bamboo Clothes

since 1994

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