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Bamboo Clothing

Rayon from bamboo blend clothing has been a growing trend but here at Effort Eco-Essentials we’ve been manufacturing the clothes for the North American market for many years. We provide wholesale bamboo/rayon clothes and bamboo/rayon fabrics to designers, wholesalers and retailers in Canada and the USA. We sell directly to the public through our website as well. For more information regarding bamboo see below.

Bamboo ‘s interesting Info

  • * Bamboo is classified as a grass and not a tree.
  • * It can grow as much as a yard in 1 day and is ready for harvest in just 4 years.
  • * Has an extensive root network enriching soil and protects from erosion, which strengthens the host watershed.
  • * Growing bamboo doesn’t require fertilizers and pesticides.
  • * Doesn’t require replanting & continues to sprout up new shoots.
  • * Bamboo plantations absorb five times the greenhouse gases of an equivalent stand of trees.
  • * Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources.

Benefits of Bamboo rayon

  • * Bamboo/rayon has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • * A unique agent in bamboo helps to resist odours making bamboo clothes more hygienic and fresh smelling.
  • * Bamboo is naturally more wrinkle resistant than cotton.
  • * Bamboo rayon fabric is manufactured using a chemical process, making it a semi-synthetic.

Bamboo’s high rate of absorbency means that it wicks away water from the body 3-4 times faster than cotton. This means that you’ll stay dryer and comfortable in hot and humid weather. It has been proven to inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria.

Clothing made with bamboo/rayon fabric have a natural sheen and softness that feels and drapes like silk. While bamboo clothes have a luxurious look and feel they are easy to care for.

Effort’s Eco-Essentials has a wide selection of bamboo/rayon clothing and fabric as well as hemp clothes and fabrics at very reasonable prices and we can ship to anywhere in North America.

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