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Best Comfy Fall Clothing For Women

We are heading into fickle Fall weather where you never know what the temperature will be. One day it will be hot and the next downright frigid. Getting dressed requires a plan to ensure you stay comfortable all day.

One strategy is to dress in layers. Throw on a tank top under a cardigan or wear a zip-up hoodie over  your favorite t-shirt. This also helps extend the life of your summer clothes.

Another surefire way to stay comfortable in fluctuating conditions is to dress in temperature regulating fabrics. Eco-friendly hemp is an excellent choice as it will insulate to keep you warm but also whisks moisture from the body to keep you dry. Because of this, hemp clothing is very adaptable and suitable for all seasons, including fall.

Here are 5 women’s hemp clothing picks from Effort’s Eco-Essentials that will ensure you stay comfortable in the upcoming season.

1. Hemp Jersey Hoodie

This super soft cozy hoodie is a must in any woman’s closet. Ideal for layering, you can throw it on over any top or tie it around your waist when you are hot. You’ll get a lot of wear out of this versatile piece as you can wear it with jeans, track pants or even a skirt. The hemp/organic cotton blend actually gets softer with each wash!

2. Hemp Low Rise Jersey Pants

You’ll love the ease of movement you have in these hemp jersey pants. The natural stretch and elastic waistband make them extremely comfortable. We love that hemp is antimicrobial and resistant to odor. You don’t need to wash these pants every time you wear them saving you time and money!

3. Hemp Long Sleeve Fluid Top

The easy relaxed fit of this top is flattering on all body types. Hemp is a great choice for those with sensitive skin as it is hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. Wear the sleeves down or push them up for a more casual look.

4. Hemp Cardigan

The stylish knit hemp/cotton cardigan is the perfect layering piece for Fall. The longer length makes it suitable to wear with any outfit. Because it is made with durable hemp, this classic timeless cardigan will be in your closet for years to come.

5. Hemp Leggings

You can’t get through the Fall season without a great pair of leggings. Wear them with some tall boots and a long sweater for an easy fashionable outfit. These hemp/cotton leggings with a touch of Spandex keep their shape nicely.

Head out and enjoy the Fall weather in eco-friendly hemp clothing. Check out to view the full line of Effort’s Eco-Essentials women’s hemp fashions.

All the best from the Effort’s Team!

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