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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Maybe you have that friend who is living a sustainable, eco-friendly life. Maybe you have that family member that you would like to think twice about their choice in fast fashion. Maybe you yourself are just looking to give gifts that are better for our planet.

Anything made from hemp would be an ideal Christmas gift for those people mentioned above. Sustainable hemp is a fast-growing plant that requires little water or harmful pesticides to grow. It cleans our contaminated soil, needs little space to grow and can be grown in almost any environment. There are over 50,000 products that can be made from hemp and they are biodegradable. Clothing made from hemp fabric is insulating yet breathable, antimicrobial and becomes softer with each wear.

Here are 10 eco-friendly hemp gift ideas from my favourite supplier Efforts Eco-Essentials.

1. Hemp Saddle Bag

This rugged unisex saddle bag with adjustable shoulder strap makes a great gift for the traveller or person-on-the-go. The pockets and pouches will hold a multitude of personal items and keep them close to the body, so they are safe and secure. Made from hemp and cotton twill, this sturdy bag will hold up in any adventure.

Hemp Saddle Bag

2. Women’s Hemp ¾ Sleeve Fluid Top

This stylish top is suitable for all body types. It is cut for a relaxed fit and to accentuate a feminine silhouette. The blend of hemp and organic cotton makes it soft and comfortable to wear. It is available in 8 colours and sizes S-XXL.

3. Hemp Socks

Socks are always a popular Christmas gift idea. Great as a Stocking Stuffer, these durable socks will keep the wearers feet warm and odour-free. Hemp is stronger than other materials so these socks will last for years to come with no toes poking through.

4. Men’s Urban Hemp Golf Shirt

Designed with a slimmer fit, this golf shirt will look great paired with jeans for a casual look or with shorts out on the course. Made with hemp that is bacteria and moisture resistant, the shirt will keep the wearer dry, comfortable and odour-free.

Men’s Urban Hemp Golf Shirt

5. Hemp Scarf

This unisex scarf will keep the heat in and the chill out. It can be worn in different ways to ramp up any outfit. 6 colour options to choose from.

Hemp Scarf

6. Hemp Apron

This hemp apron makes a great gift for any aspiring chef or grill master. Made from durable hemp, it will hold up to many spills and washings.

Hemp Apron

7. Hemp Fabric

Efforts offers a variety of hemp fabrics for the sewer in your life. With options such as canvas, jersey and terry they will be able to create their own eco-friendly fashions.

Hemp Fabric

8. Women’s Hemp Yoga Pants

These casual pants are great for lounging, yoga or running quick errands. The hemp blend material moves with the wearer keeping them comfy and unrestricted to do what they need to do!

Hemp Yoga Pants

9. Men’s Hemp Long-Sleeved Baseball Top

A classical top that never goes out of style. The high-quality hemp top is designed with comfort and durability in mind.

Mens Hemp Long Sleeve Baseball Top

10. Hemp Toque

The unisex hemp toque allows the wearer’s head to breathe while keeping in the warmth. Hemp fabric is soft and cozy without the itch of an acrylic or wool toque. Available in 7 colours.

Hemp Toque

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to give the gift of sustainability this holiday season. You can find all of Effort’s Eco-Essential products at Make this Christmas one to remember by being a conscious consumer and spreading the word on the value of hemp!

Efforts Eco Essentials has a wide variety of hemp and bamboo clothing styles to choose from for both men and women at very reasonable prices. They also have the fabrics for sale as well, and they will ship anywhere in North America.

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