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Have You Made The Switch To Eco?

The fashion industry is changing. There is a real movement of consumers demanding more eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. Brands and retailers are taking note that ethical fashion is the future, especially with the younger generation. New York Fashion Week finally had models walking down the runway in clothing made from sustainable hemp fabric.

Consumers are becoming more conscious on how their clothing is being made and what it is being made from. They are realizing that fast fashion (disposable clothing) is having a huge negative impact on our climate. People are looking for environmentally responsible options that will help our planet.

Have you made the switch? Do you read your labels? Do you have a closet full of cheap clothing that you have worn once? It is time to ditch the cheap polyester and rayon poorly made fast fashion that is non-biodegradable and filling our landfills.  It’s time to make the switch to eco-friendly fashion!

We need to get the word out on the benefits of growing and using hemp to create new fashions.

These benefits include:

  1. Hemp clothing is comfy. It gets softer with each wash.
  2. Hemp clothing is durable. Clothing will last much longer than cheap oil-based fabrics.
  3. Hemp clothing is biodegradable.
  4. Hemp requires little water to grow.
  5. Hemp needs no pesticides or harmful chemicals to grow.
  6. Hemp replenishes the soil.
  7. Hemp reduces carbon emissions.

Efforts Eco-Essentials has been a leader in producing eco-friendly fashions. They have been constructing quality clothing since 1994. They create fashions that will stand the test of time and that respect the environment. They make as many products as possible in Canada.

If you are ready to make the switch to eco-friendly clothing, check out Efforts Eco-Essentials clothing. It is time that we all make better life choices as consumers to restore our planet.

Efforts Eco Essentials has a wide variety of hemp and bamboo clothing styles to choose from for both men and women at very reasonable prices. They also have the fabrics for sale as well, and they will ship anywhere in North America.

For more information you can contact them directly;
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