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Hemp: A More Sustainable Fabric Alternative

In an earlier post I talked about how much more eco-friendly hemp is compared to a few of the most common fabric alternatives, cotton and polyester. You can read about many of the positive attributes of hemp and how cotton and polyester compare here. In this post I’m covering off on some of the inherent issues with a few other very common fabrics. We are very passionate about the virtues of hemp, how much better it is for the environment, and how choosing clothes that use hemp can be a positive step for our planet.

Hemp vs Nylon
As outlined in the earlier post, hemp is grown naturally. Nylon on the other hand was the first fabric to be made entirely in a laboratory. It became popular around World War II for use in military products like parachutes and tents as a result of its strength. Unfortunately for the environment, nylon is derived from coal and petroleum. These are 2 of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet. Nylon is also not bio-degradable so filling landfill sites with it is a big problem too.

Hemp vs Acrylic
Like nylon, acrylic is not natural, it’s a man-made fabric that is manufactured using petroleum and so it too is dependent on a very environmentally unfriendly industry. I will also point out that some experts also have concerns that acrylic has carcinogenic properties that can lead to liver damage and cancer from having acrylic in contact with skin over time. In addition to that, there are also immediate ecological concerns with the affects of washing fabrics made of acrylic and nylon. An extensive study found that shorelines worldwide were polluted with particles consistent with them.

Don’t get me wrong, we agree that there are definitely needs for other fabrics other than hemp for various different reasons. The strength and stretchiness of nylon, for example, is very important for certain things like nylons. But for the health of the planet we feel it’s very important that we consider ways that we can reduce the use of fabrics that have a negative impact as much as possible. Most of our clothes at Effort’s Eco Essentials use a blend to ensure maximum comfort while still having a positive impact on the environment. We hope you’ll give them a try for yourself.

Not only is hemp eco friendly, it’s comfortable to wear as well. At Effort’s Eco-Essentials we have worked for years to develop the ideal blends of hemp and organic cotton to provide the very best in comfort, style and durability. We have a wide selection of hemp clothing for men and women at very reasonable prices and we ship to Canada & the United States.

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