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Hemp Clothing Ideal For All Seasons

Wouldn’t it be great if we could purchase clothing that was suitable for all seasons and not have to rotate our closets every few months? Clothing made from hemp fabric will allow you to do just that. Hemp fabric has the unique ability to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In the hot summer heat, hemp lets the body breathe and is naturally moisture wicking. Being a porous fiber, hemp regulates your body temperature, keeping you cool. It is also anti-microbial, preventing odours. Hemp is also strong and durable, meaning your clothes maintain their shape. It is also a very soft and comfortable fabric, getting softer with each wash.

The amazing thing about hemp is its ability to also insulate your body in colder weather. The natural fibers absorb moisture but still keep their thermal abilities, meaning you can be wet but still stay warm, which is great for winter sports!

Hemp clothing is perfect for layering too. Throw a cardigan over a tank, and you’ve got a great spring or fall look. Another benefit of not having to pack up summer clothes for the winter, is that if you are planning a spring break vacation, you don’t have to go digging to pull out your stored clothing. You’ll find that with hemp’s versatility, you’ll save money because all pieces can carry over to each season. You can stay comfortable no matter what the weather.

And in this world of fast fashion, it is so easy to buy new clothing for each season. But as I have said in earlier blogs these cheap disposable clothing options are filling our landfills. Because these synthetic fabrics are virtually plastic, they take years and years to biodegrade. Hemp clothing, on the other hand, is eco-friendly and biodegradable. If you do choose to get rid of it, it will naturally break down with no negative impact on the environment.

Check out Effort’s Eco-Essentials for a ton of fashionable and fun mix and match options for men and women that can be worn year-round.

Efforts Eco Essentials has a wide variety of hemp and bamboo clothing styles to choose from for both men and women at very reasonable prices. They also have the fabrics for sale as well, and they will ship anywhere in North America.

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