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How Does Slow Fashion Help The Environment?

Slow fashion is a movement that aims to promote sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry. It is a response to the fast fashion industry, which is characterized by quick production cycles, low prices, and poor-quality materials. Slow fashion promotes a more thoughtful and responsible approach to fashion by encouraging consumers to buy fewer, higher quality items that are produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

Here are some ways in which slow fashion can help the environment:

1. Reduces waste: Slow fashion encourages consumers to buy less and invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that are designed to last longer. This reduces the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills, which is a significant environmental issue.

2. Reduces energy consumption: The production of clothing requires a lot of energy, from growing and processing the materials to manufacturing and shipping the finished products. Slow fashion reduces the number of garments that need to be produced, which reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Promotes sustainable materials: Slow fashion promotes the use of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, hemp, and recycled fibers. These materials are grown and processed using environmentally friendly methods and do not have the same negative impact on the environment as conventional materials.

4. Supports local communities: Slow fashion often involves working with local artisans and small businesses, which helps to support local communities and reduces the environmental impact of shipping goods across long distances.

5. Encourages ethical practices: Slow fashion promotes ethical practices, such as fair labor standards and safe working conditions for garment workers. This helps to ensure that the people involved in producing clothing are treated fairly and not exploited.


Overall, slow fashion is a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion that can help to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

Efforts Industries has supplied eco-friendly hemp fabrics to wholesalers, designers, and other environmentally conscious businesses across North America since 1994. Over the years, they’ve grown with the industry and evolved into designing and producing a quality line-up of hemp clothing and accessories. Efforts seeks out quality materials for their products. They ensure that care is taken with the tailoring of their clothes and accessories and that they create an enduring style! Most of their timeless fashions are made in Canada.

Efforts has been doing business with the manufacturing plant in China since the beginning. The facility is visited regularly to ensure proper conditions and treatment of the employees.  If you are looking reduce your fashion footprint and add slow fashion to your closet, check out Effort’s Eco-Essentials.

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