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Is Organic Cotton Better?

We as consumers know by now that we need to choose wisely when making our purchases. Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly should be at the top of everyone’s list. Our planet depends on it.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants in the world but there are ways this can be changed. We need to demand from designers and manufacturers that we want better options. Cotton has been used for years to create clothing, but do you know that organic cotton is the better choice?

I’ll share a few reasons why we should be reading our labels and looking for organic cotton.

Why Is Organic Cotton Better?

  1. Environmentally Friendly

This alone should be the reason we choose organic cotton. Compared to conventional cotton, there are many benefits why organic cotton is better. Cotton requires harmful insecticides and pesticides to grow. These toxic substances leach into our soil and waterways, affecting our ecosystems. Organic cotton does not require pesticides, therefore there is no harmful runoff. Organic cotton also requires far less water to grow. It relies mostly on rainwater therefore saving our precious water reserves.

  1. Better for our Health and Sensitive Skin

Toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton growing are present in clothing and can cause skin irritations and allergies. Because organic cotton does not use pesticides and insecticides to grow, there are no residual chemicals in the clothing. It just feels better, and you will have peace of mind!

  1. Safer for Farmers and Factory Workers

Farmers and factory workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals when growing and cultivating organic cotton. With conventional cotton, workers are exposed to toxins when spraying and picking the cotton.


  1. Organic Cotton is Strong, Durable, and Soft

Conventional cotton’s use of harmful chemicals can break down fibers. Because organic cotton does not require the use of these toxins, fibers remain strong and durable. Organic cotton has longer fibers, making it feel softer and more breathable for the skin.

As you can see, organic cotton is a great choice when it comes to the environment and your comfort. Effort’s Eco-Essentials incorporates organic cotton blended with hemp and bamboo making them very eco-friendly.

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