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Men’s Hemp Hoodie

If you have yet to give hemp clothing a try, I suggest you start with a zip up hoodie from Effort’s Eco-Essentials. This hoodie will quickly become your favorite piece in your wardrobe. It is made from a blend of eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton fleece that you can feel good about wearing. The stylish hoodie has a full zip front with pouch-like pockets on each side. These pockets are great to store your phone, wallet, and keys or to tuck your hands into on colder days. The ribbed cuff and hem give this hoodie a finished look. The versatile piece can be worn lounging around the house, to the gym or for a casual look with jeans. Throw it over a bamboo or hemp T-shirt for a great layering piece. Put the hood up to protect your face and ears when a winter wind starts to blow.

What is it about hemp that makes it a good fabric choice?

1. Keeps You Warm

Hemp is a unique fabric in that it is very breathable but has amazing insulating qualities. It has the ability to regulate your body temperature. It will keep you warm but will also whisk moisture away from your body, keeping you dry.

2. Gets Softer With Each Wear and Wash

Hemp is often thought to feel like a rough canvas. This was true years ago but now it is soft against the skin and becomes softer and more comfortable after each wash and wear.

3. Anti-Bacterial and Odour-Resistant

Hemp fabric is highly resistant to mold and mildew, which helps keep odours at bay. This also adds to your hoodie’s longevity because you won’t have to wash it as frequently.

4. Durable

The fibers from the hemp plant are long and strong, so when woven together they make an exceptionally durable fabric. When washed, the fibers are less likely to break down like some other natural fibers, keeping your hoodie looking as good as new after countless washes. Your garment will hold its shape for years and years.

5. Hemp Is Eco-Friendly

Hemp requires little water to grow, does not need pesticides and removes harmful toxins from the soil that it Is grown in. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to combat climate change.

6. Dyes Easily

Because hemp is extremely porous, it is easy to dye and is resistant to fading.
This classic hoodie designed for comfort will never go out of style! It is available in 6 colours and sizes S-XXL.

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