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Try Bamboo Clothing One Time And You’ll Be Hooked!

I must confess I used to be a shopaholic. I would go to the mall every week and spend the day looking for bargains. The cheaper the better! I would head straight for the sale racks at H&M to see what items were reduced in price. I would be on a high if I left the store with a couple bags filled with cheap clothing. I would get home, put them in the closet and forget about most of them.

A few years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a bamboo tank dress for my birthday. I tried it on to see if it fit and immediately fell in love with the feel of it. The dress was ridiculously soft and comfortable against my skin plus it looked great! I was so used to the scratchy, sweaty feeling of acrylic and polyester clothing that this dress felt like heaven to me! I started to do some research on bamboo clothing and realized I could never go back to my ways of shopping for fast fashion. It was time to change my shameful shopping habits.

Cleaning out my closet was a revelation. Most items still had tags on them. Plus, I realized how ugly some were. Why had I bought them in the first place? I think for me it was the thrill of the hunt and finding the best deal I could. Now that I have made the switch to bamboo clothing, my thrill comes from knowing that I am buying quality items that will last and that I am shopping much more eco-consciously.

Why should you try bamboo clothing?

1. Softness

Bamboo has a luxurious feel similar to cashmere but without the expensive price tag. And the more you wash it the softer it becomes!

2. Long Lasting

Bamboo has long fibers so when woven together it creates a strong, durable fabric. Materials made from shorter fibers tend unravel and lose their shape when washed. Bamboo clothing doesn’t stretch out or shrink and holds colour longer than most other fabrics. Bamboo material is anti-bacterial so your clothing stays fresher for longer. There is no need to wash them after each wear, extending the life of your clothing.

3. Absorbent and Temperature Regulating

Bamboo has the unique ability to regulate your body temperature. When you are hot, it is breathable and absorbent. When you are cold, it keeps the heat in. This means you can wear your bamboo clothing year-round!

4. Great for Your Skin

Bamboo fabric is hypo-allergenic and is great for those with sensitive skin. Because of the long fibers, it is smooth and soft on your skin. Most other fabrics are itchy and uncomfortable.

5. Eco-Friendly

Growing bamboo is an eco-friendly process. It requires little water, no pesticides and can even restore the soil it is grown in.

6. Biodegradable

I am ashamed the toll my bargain hunting shopping had on the environment. I donated most of my cheap synthetic clothing but am aware that a lot of my purchases are now sitting in a landfill and will take years to decompose. I love the fact that bamboo clothing is biodegradable.

I encourage you to give bamboo clothing a try. Once you experience this wonderful material, you will see why you want more in your closet. One dress changed my life!


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