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What’s the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp?

If you are confused by the difference between Marijuana and Hemp, you are not alone.  Both are from the Cannabis Sativa family, and although the 2 look and smell very similar, they have some distinct differences.

The first big difference is that hemp contains no more than 0.3 % of THC, the mind-altering substance that gets you high.  Marijuana, on the other hand, typically has 5-20% THC. You can’t get high off hemp!

Hemp and marijuana serve 2 completely different purposes.  Marijuana is generally used for recreational and medicinal purposes.  It has been used for treatment of glaucoma, cancer, seizures, Multiple Sclerosis and more.  It just became legal in Canada but is still illegal in many US states.

Different parts of the hemp plant can be used for many purposes.  Hemp seeds have become very popular as a nutritional supplement as they are high in protein and essential fatty acids.  Oil can be extracted from the seeds that can be used in cooking and beauty products.  The fibres from the stalks of the plant can be used to make paper, construction materials, biofuel, plastic composite, rope, clothing and other textiles.  It is said that there are over 25 000 uses for the hemp plant.  It can replace most timber-based products, preventing deforestation.  Hemp is also used to create a variety of THC-free CBD products that have been found to have anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties without the psychoactive effects.

Unlike marijuana that requires specific conditions for optimal growth, hemp can be grown outdoors in a range of climates.  Marijuana plants are short and bushy and require space to grow.  Hemp plants can grow in very tight spaces.  It is a tall and sturdy plant that requires little attention and can be grown in any type of soil.  It even sucks up toxins which could have a major impact on our earth.

In short, marijuana is used for its mind-altering, euphoric affects, while hemp is used for its fibre, seed and oil.  Both have been getting a lot of attention recently for their uses.  Fortunately, both are making progress.

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