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Why These Hemp Ankle Socks Are The Best!

New to Effort’s Eco-Essentials accessory line are men’s and women’s hemp ankle socks. Up until recently, they only had calf-high hiking socks. Don’t get me wrong, I love these longer socks, but I have been patiently waiting for an eco-friendly hemp ankle sock to appear on their website. My wait is over!

Being an exercise enthusiast, it is important to me to have the proper clothing to keep me dry and comfortable. This includes keeping my sweaty feet feeling their best. Having worn Effort’s hemp hiking socks for a while now, I knew that these ankle socks would be just as great. They did not disappoint. They are the perfect blend of hemp, organic cotton with a touch of spandex.

Let me share why these socks are ideal for all your workouts (and everyday life).

1. Moisture Absorbing and Breathable

When working out, you want a sock that can absorb moisture and keep your feet from slipping in your shoes. Hemp socks are amazing for any type of workout. They are breathable and absorb moisture, keeping you dry and more comfortable in your activities. Hemp is also temperature regulating so your feet never feel too hot or too cold. These socks are perfect for those with sweaty feet!

2. Anti-Fungal

Hemp is naturally anti-fungal. You don’t need to worry about getting athlete’s foot or some funky fungal infection when you wear hemp socks. Experience better foot hygiene!

3. Durable

Hemp is a strong and durable fiber. The tensile strength of hemp socks allows them to hold up after many wears and washes. They can withstand even the toughest of workouts! The socks keep their shape and don’t get annoying holes!

4. Soft

These ankle socks are so soft and comfy. And they get even more comfortable after each wash.

5. Odor-Resistant

Hemp is also naturally anti-bacterial, making it the best material for making socks. Because nasty bacteria won’t develop, your feet and socks will smell fresher for longer. No more stinky feet!

Trust me, these eco-friendly hemp ankle socks will quickly become your favorite socks in your drawer. You will find yourself wearing them for more than just workouts!

Efforts Eco-Essentials is one of the original manufacturers of fashionable men’s and women’s hemp and bamboo clothing. We offer a wide variety of clothes including yoga pants, knit sweaters, t-shirts, golf shirts, leggings, skirts, dresses and much more. You are confident that you’ll love the comfort, style and eco-friendliness of our hemp and bamboo clothing.

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