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5 Tips For Building A Lasting Wardrobe

Whether you are looking to become a more eco-conscious shopper or just looking to save some money, here are a few tips from Effort’s Eco-Essentials on how you can build a long-lasting wardrobe. Specializing in sustainable hemp fashions for men and women since 1994, Effort’s is passionate about providing eco-friendly well-made clothing, with the majority of their fashions being produced in Canada.

  1. Stick To The Basics

One of the biggest mistakes we make as consumers is falling for trendy clothing. Often these pieces only last one season then they are out of style. What a waste of money! When you stick to timeless pieces, they can be worn season after season, year after year. Effort’s Eco-Essentials has many classic pieces that will never go out of style.

2.  Know Your Style

Wear what you like. If you don’t like wearing skirts, why buy them? They will most likely be worn a few times at most and then sit in your closet collecting dust. Invest in items that you know you will get the most use out of.

3.  Wash Less

Every time you wash you wash your clothes, tiny fibers are shed causing clothing to weaken and stretch out. Hemp fabric has minimal shedding when washed so items keep their shape. And because hemp is antibacterial and antifungal, it doesn’t absorb odors like other materials. This means clothing doesn’t need to be washed as often.

4.  Read Your Labels

It is important to read labels to figure out what your clothing is made of. Fast fashion is inexpensive disposable clothing that is made from cheap material such as acrylic or polyester and is poorly made. These fad fashions are not built to last. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fabrics out there. It is extremely durable; in fact, it is said to be 20-30 times stronger than cotton! Now that’s long-lasting!  

5.  Buy Well Made Clothing

Buy clothing that is well-made.  Effort’s Eco-Essentials ensures that great care is taken with the tailoring of their clothing and accessories.

6.  Buy Comfortable Clothes

Let’s face it; Covid has made us realize that comfort is where it is at. If something isn’t comfortable, you aren’t going to wear it. Say no to ill-fitting tight scratchy clothing! Effort’s designs comfortable stylish hemp clothing that actually gets softer with each wash.

If it’s longevity you are after, check out Effort’s Eco-Essentials clothing.

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