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Best Bamboo Nightgown

When you have a good sleep, you wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to take on a new day.  What you wear to bed is crucial for a good’s night sleep. Effort’s Eco-Essentials’ Bamboo Night Tee is just what you need to have a peaceful slumber! Why should you choose this sleepwear?

     1. Comfortable

The relaxed fit of this nightgown will keep you very comfortable. There is nothing to restrict your movement or disrupt your sleep. The shorter length means it won’t wrap around you if you toss and turn. The classic A-line design has a flattering V-neck, short sleeves and slits at the side which is suitable for all body types. The bamboo fabric drapes beautifully so this gown will take your loungewear up a notch!

     2. Breathable and Temperature Regulating

 Bamboo is naturally porous and allows air to flow through the fabric. It has the ability to regulate your body temperature by keeping you cool when it is hot and insulating you when it is cold.

     3. Moisture Wicking

Bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from the skin keeping you dry. This is the perfect nightgown for any women who overheats or suffers from annoying hot flashes and night sweats.

     4. Silky Soft

This night tee is made from a rayon from bamboo and organic cotton blend. Because bamboo fibers are long and smooth, it makes a luxuriously soft fabric that feels awesome against the skin.

     5. Hypoallergenic

Bamboo is hypoallergenic and is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. The antibacterial properties repel mold and mildew, keeping the garment fresh and odor-free.

     6. High Quality

        Effort’s Eco-Essentials produces high-quality durable clothing that will last for years. Special care is taken with the tailoring of each garment, including this night tee. This bamboo night tee is available in 5 rich colours and sizes S-XL.

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