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Covid Christmas: How Holiday Shopping Is Going To Be Different This Year

Holiday shopping is going to be a totally different beast this year because of COVID-19. The global pandemic has changed the way we live and shop. It has forced stores to change their procedures, their hours, and unfortunately for many to close their doors for good.

What does this mean for holiday shopping? How will this year be different?

1. Consumers are changing the way they are buying. With more lockdowns looming, people do not want to take the risk of going out as numbers are steadily increasing. They are choosing to shop online to avoid the in-store experience and exposing themselves.

2. Who wants to get dressed and head out into the cold to go shopping? With more and more people working from home, it just seems so much easier to stay in comfortable loungewear by the fire with a glass of wine and get your shopping done online.

3. All service-related businesses are challenged with their own roadblocks. Restaurants and the travel industry are faced with tight restrictions. Spas and movie theatres are not open and there are no live sporting events or concerts.

In the past, these were popular gift ideas. Gift certificates for food and entertainment were an easy gift idea and well received. However, consumers are now having to look more into actual physical products than these service-based industries that are facing an uncertain future.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult this year. There has been a shift in what people need and are buying during this pandemic. One of the biggest growths in online sales has been seen with loungewear and pajamas. Quality comfortable clothing is in hot demand. With people being home bound, they are looking to be comfortable but fashionable for those all-important zoom calls. Whether it be with family and friends or coworkers, people still want to look good. What a great gift idea!

There has also been a positive shift during the pandemic with people being more environmentally conscious. Effort’s Eco-Essentials has a full line of comfortable eco-friendly hemp and bamboo loungewear for men and women. Their luxuriously soft fashions will be appreciated by all on your Christmas list.

Happy Holidays!

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