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Fast Fashion and Our Throw Away Culture

Have you ever stopped to think about what your clothes are actually made of? Fast fashion has a huge impact on our planet. What is fast fashion you ask? It is trendy low-quality clothing produced in mass and sold at super cheap prices. More often than not these items are worn only a few times, quickly disposed of and deposited into a landfill. The “in one day, out the next” fashion is having a huge impact on the environment.

Here are a few tips to get you started on how to get out of the fast fashion throw away trend and into more sustainable clothing options.

Buy Better Quality

Now when I shop, I look for items that are made from quality, long lasting material. Hemp is one of my favourites. Hemp fibre is one of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibres. Not only is it strong, but it also holds its shape, having one of the lowest percent elongation of any natural fibre. As a result, hemp clothing lasts longer than cheap clothing.

Buy More Basics

I prefer to spend my hard-earned money on the basics. I choose items that are functional and flattering. My high-quality basics last through all the seasons and are not ruined by multiple wearings. I find I don’t need to overhaul my closet multiple times a year. When I mix and match a few simple items that fit well, I end up with original outfits that I am always complimented on.

Find An Eco-Friendly Clothing Retailer You Really Like

I shop for my key pieces at Efforts Eco-Essentials. They don’t cost me an arm and a leg and the quality is superb. The majority of their items are made right here in Canada! If you can’t find their items in a store near you, you can order online at

We need to be more conscious consumers. Is that $5 t-shirt really worth it? Less is really more and quality will beat quantity every time.

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