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How To Care For Hemp Clothing

You have made the switch to hemp clothing because you realize it is better for the environment, but you aren’t exactly sure how to care for it. Well the good news is that it is super easy!

Hemp fabric is exceptionally durable. The fibers are longer and stronger than cotton or synthetic. This means that your hemp clothing will last much longer than clothing made from most other fabrics. Hemp fibers are not weakened when wet so when you machine wash your clothing, it will maintain its shape over time, unlike some other fabrics. Another benefit of hemp is that the more you wash it the softer it gets! It is breathable and anti-bacterial. Because of this, your hemp clothing will be resistant to odours, staying fresher longer. You will not have to wash your hemp clothing every time you wear it. Hemp sheds dirt more easily that other fabrics so your clothing comes out looking fresh as new after each wash.

Below is how I care for my hemp clothing:
1.  Machine wash with like colours. I wash everything in cold, but you could use warm water if you prefer. I use all-natural laundry detergent and wash on the gentle cycle. Hemp clothing will shrink so do not wash in hot water.

2.  If stained, treat immediately. Do not allow stain to set. Hand wash spot with a gentle soap and warm water then rinse thoroughly. Allow item to air dry.

3.  Do not bleach as this can weaken fibers. Do not dry clean.

4.  I like to use vinegar in the rinse cycle. One cup of vinegar removes soap residue and keeps fabric smelling fresh. It is also more environmentally friendly than fabric softener.

5.  Hemp is a highly porous fabric, so it naturally dries quickly. It can be air dried or tumble dried on low. I prefer to tumble dry (but not too long!) to prevent wrinkles. If you remove clothing immediately from dryer when it is still slightly damp, there will be no wrinkles. Because hemp can withstand high temperatures, ironing is ok. I just prefer to not have to waste my time with this task! If you do choose to iron, it is best to do so when clothing is still slightly damp.

6.  Hemp fabric is moth-resistant so store as you would any other piece of clothing.

As you can see, it is very easy to care for your hemp clothing. When treated properly, your hemp clothing will last a very long time. Another beautiful benefit of hemp clothing is that if you do tire of it, it is biodegradable unlike synthetic fabrics.

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