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Is Bamboo Clothing Good For Hot Weather?

If you are looking for clothing to keep you cool and comfortable this summer, check out bamboo to help you beat the summer heat!

Why Bamboo Clothing For Hot Weather?

  1. Moisture-Wicking

Bamboo fabric is extremely efficient at absorbing moisture; in fact, it is said that it is 4 times more absorbent than cotton! It wicks moisture away from the skin and evaporates quickly, keeping you cool and dry. It is an excellent choice for those who are active outdoors.

  1. Temperature Regulating

Bamboo’s hollow fibers let air circulate keeping you cool in warm and humid conditions. This unique feature also acts as an insulator and keeps you warm in the winter.  You can wear your bamboo clothing year-round!

  1. Super Soft and Comfortable

Bamboo is luxuriously soft next to the skin, similar to cashmere or silk, however without the high price tag. Bamboo fibers are long, smooth and round leaving no rough edges to irritate even the most sensitive skin.

  1. Anti-Bacterial

We are often more active in the summer causing us to sweat more. Bamboo fabric has the ability to resist bacteria, mold, yeast and fungus. This will keep your clothing fresh and odor-free.

  1. Wrinkle Resistant

Bamboo fabric is wrinkle resistant, unlike some other natural fibers like cotton or linen.  This makes it an ideal fabric choice when you are hitting the road on a summer adventure. If there are a few wrinkles, you can just hang it for a bit and they will easily fall out. I like to hang it up in the bathroom before a steamy shower. No need for an iron.

  1. Drapes Beautifully

Bamboo fabric hangs beautifully. Not only does it look fantastic but it flows and moves with body, adding to its comfort.

Stay cool this summer by adding bamboo clothing to your wardrobe. Check out Effort’s Eco-Essentials bamboo essentials for men and women and experience the ultimate in comfort.

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