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Super Comfy Multi-Purpose Women’s Bamboo Lounge Pants

In these uncertain times, many of us are working from home, exercising at home, and basically just staying at home more than ever. Comfortable clothing has become a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Effort’s Eco-Essentials has introduced the most amazingly soft and comfortable bamboo pants for women. The beauty of these pants is not only how amazing you will feel in them, but how much wear you will get out of them. The luxurious blend of bamboo rayon and organic cotton feels great against the skin. You will never want to take them off! Let’s take a look at where you can wear these pants and why you will get so much use from them.

1. Lounging

Who wants to lie around the house in uncomfortable jeans that are too tight? The simple pull-on design of these pants makes them ideal for lounging. The elasticized waist won’t dig into you and the relaxed fit is perfect for lazy days.

2. Sleeping

These pants are great to sleep in. They are silky soft and breathable. Because they are made from bamboo, they have the ability to help regulate your body temperature. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from night sweats. The anti-static properties of bamboo fabric mean they will not cling to you.

3. Yoga

These pants can also be worn for workouts and yoga. The stretchy fabric will let you flow through moves with ease. The bamboo fabric is moisture wicking, helping to keep you dry and comfortable. Because bamboo fabric is anti-microbial, the pants are resistant to odours. This is great when you want to run from yoga class to the grocery store or out for lunch. And because they won’t hold odours, you don’t have to wash them as frequently.

4. Running Errands

The stylish design lets you pair them with a cardigan or hoodie. The pants drape beautifully and are flattering to any figure. Nobody will know that you sleep in them too! Hemp for all seasons

5. Travel

Travelling can be stressful and uncomfortable. Be as comfortable as you can be in these stretchy pants. They won’t crease and won’t hold odours even after a long flight. Because you can wear them to bed, while lounging or exploring, you won’t have to pack as much! You can feel good knowing these pants are made from eco-friendly bamboo fabric. Bamboo requires little water, needs no harmful chemicals, and absorbs large amounts of CO2. They will have you saying “ahhhhh” every time you put them on. Hemp has a huge environmental impact. With so many uses, we can promote a much more sustainable world. The more hemp we can use, the better! Stay safe, (866) 391-8601
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