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Why Hemp Is So Good For The Soil

Hemp has been in the news for many reasons lately. As more research is done on this incredible plant, more uses and benefits are being discovered. It has been said that it has over 50, 000 beneficial uses from nutrition to clothing to construction. One such benefit is that hemp can clean the contaminated soil that it is grown in.

Hemp is a fairly easy crop to grow. Excluding very dry or very cold conditions, hemp can be grown in almost any climate or environment. It is efficient as it grows in dense clusters requiring less land that other major cash crops need. For example, 1 acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper that 4 acres of trees would require. Being resistant to insects and disease, it requires very little pesticides or harsh chemicals. This is so beneficial because when pesticides and herbicides are used, they seep into the soil and water systems such as ponds, streams, rivers and oceans, potentially harming all living creatures.

As the hemp plant matures, it drops leaves and stems, depositing up to 60 % of its nutrients back into the soil. This can significantly improve growing conditions for the next season.

Hemp has been shown to filter heavy metals and toxic chemicals out of contaminated soil, improving its fertility. It can basically suck up pollutants through its deep roots and stores in the tissue with the potential of the plant being used for biofuel. The deep roots that can reach up to 9 feet below the surface can also hold soil together, preventing erosion. They also help to break up soil compaction and aerate to further aid in nutrient absorption.
Hemp can be used as a valuable eco-friendly crop to repair the damage and deterioration that industries have imposed on our soil and ecosystems across the world.

Hemp is being recognized as a wonder crop that can offer a solution to a cleaner, more sustainable future. This is just one example of how hemp can have a positive environmental effect. Here’s to hemp and healing our earth!

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