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Women’s Hemp Active Shorts With Pockets

 Summer is here and with that come hotter temperatures. We have all become accustomed to wearing comfortable clothes and of course that holds true for summer wear. But as consumers we are also becoming more conscious of our fashion purchases. We are looking for more eco-friendly options, more versatile pieces and clothing that is classic and durable.

One such piece that should be in every woman’s closet is the simple active yoga short. Effort’s Eco-Essentials has an excellent choice for those of you on the hunt for these. Have a look at 10 reasons why you should add these to your wardrobe.

  1. Made From Eco-Friendly Hemp

Hemp requires little water to grow, improves soil health, acts as a natural air purifier and is naturally insect resistant. This high yielding crop produces one of the most eco-friendly fabrics that is bio-degradable.  

  1. Super Soft

The blend of hemp/cotton produces an extremely soft fabric. A touch of Spandex allows these shorts to move with you without rolling up or down. Hemp fabric also becomes softer and more comfortable with each wear!

3.  Versatile

The versatility of these shorts will have you wearing them all summer long. They are great for working out, running errands, casual events, lounging around the house or wearing under a dress.

4.  Moisture Wicking

Hemp quickly absorbs moisture away from the skin and releases it. These shorts will keep you comfortable and dry even on the hottest summer day.

5.  Breathable

The porous fibers of hemp allow air to flow through the material, keeping you cool.

6.  Convenient Side Pockets

Effort’s Eco-Essentials cleverly designed these shorts with two side pockets. No matter where you are wearing these shorts, you can be hands-free. The pockets can carry your phone, keys, credit cards and any other small essentials.

7.  Yoga Style Waistband

The 3” yoga style waistband helps to prevent muffin top. The wide waistband flattens and smooths the silhouette.

8.  Prevent “Chub Rub”

These active shorts are excellent to wear under a dress or skirt. They prevent the dreaded thigh chaffing aka “chub rub” that we can get on hot sticky days.

9.  Durable

The long fibers of hemp are woven together to produce one of the strongest and most durable natural fabrics. You will get years of wear out of these shorts!

10.  Anti-Bacterial

Because hemp fabric is anti-bacterial, these shorts are resistant to odors and stay fresher for longer. They are great for women with skin sensitivities.

Do yourself a favor and grab these active shorts from Effort’s Eco-Essentials to stay cool and comfortable this summer. Available in black, charcoal and plum, you may want to get one of each color!

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